Welcome to TCQ

I do not profess to be an expert on issues of gender and sexual orientation. Neither am I an expert on what it means to be a Third Culture Kid. What I am, however, is an expert in my own experience, and a firm believer in sharing stories which may, in some way, benefit others.

I first came out as bi when I came to university, having spent the last two years reading every tumblr blog on LGBT issues I could find. The problem was that until I got to university and found the LGBT society, there was no story, no experience of being queer that I could relate to. So since coming out I have regularly searched for queer TCK experiences, which I have never found.

It is not as though we don’t exist. In the seven years since I finished school a total of 20% of my year group has come out. My best friend. Another good friend. Many of their friends. But why is no one speaking about it? Why are there no blogs? No books? No studies? I can only speculate.

One reason I can think of, which is glaringly obvious, is cultural perceptions of being queer. Another is that I am only searching in English (if you know of any blogs in a different language, let me know!). Maybe they didn’t see the call for it. Maybe its not something they have thought about Or maybe, it just takes a very long time to reconcile these two fundamental aspects of your identity, notwithstanding all the other facets of a person’s identity, and once you have it is so difficult to put into words that you give up. That’s where I have been for the past year.

However, through this blog, and through collecting the stories of other queer TCKs from around the world, I hope to shed a bit more light on what it means to a third culture queer.


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